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Bismut & Krach Bumm

22 Mai, 2020 @ 11:30 pm

2 Fette Bands an einem Abend!


Prog Rock, Doom, Desert Rock, Stoner, Jazz, Psych and Hard Rock

From explosive jam sessions in the caverns of the Nijmegen underground arose Bismut. The guys love to jam. Whilst playing they developed a mixture of many different styles such as Prog Rock, Doom, Desert Rock, Stoner, Jazz, Psych and Hard Rock.
After their debut performance in November 2016, the three guys played many kick-ass shows in the Netherlands and abroad. Bismut released its debut full-length “Schwerpunkt” in november 2018 on the independent label Lay Bare Recordings. The album was received very well. After this release Bismut played many great shows in nice clubs and on major festivals like Into The Void, Zwarte Cross, Sonic Whip, Yellowstock, Desert Fest Antwerp and Psychedelic Network Festival. The performances of Bismut are dynamic, intense and in your face!

Krach Bumm

Exprograge (Experimental Progressive Garage)

Feinster Stoner Krach Bumm aus Berlin zu Gast im Beards!

Krach Bumm describes the sound of a space shuttle crashing into the pyramids of giza. With the classic power-trio guitar/bass/drums setup these three berlin-based guys bind different alternative rock genres like garage, stoner, progressive or experimental rock in their unique way. This projects idea is to catch and confuse the listeners with this, leaving a pleased but fidgeting audience.

Take some beeeeeer & listen!


22 Mai
11:30 pm


The Beards Pub